Tribute Donations

Making a Tribute Donation “In Memory” or “In Honour Of” is a wonderful and distinctive way to commemorate a relative or friend who has touched our lives in a significant way – whether they simply enjoyed music or encouraged us to sing or play a musical instrument. You can also make a tribute gift to someone you care about by making a gift in honour of an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or other milestone of your choosing. 

Your “In Memory” or “In Honour Of gift will help CMS continue to grow and develop our community based choral and music programs. Cosmo members will be able to continue to come together to sing and play musical instruments in one of our many ensembles, and share their music with the community. 

Tribute Gift Donors will be recognized in the following ways:

  • A printed card acknowledging your thoughtful gift sent to the tribute recipient or family 
  • Acknowledgement in our Annual Report and Annual Season Finale Concert Program. 
Note: You can request your name and/or donation amount not be printed on any correspondence or acknowledgement relating to your donation.