The Magic of Music Donor Program

With the wave of a baton …

The Magic of Music comes alive

Your gift as a Magic of Music donor will help Cosmopolitan Music Society (CMS) continue to grow and develop excellent community-based music programs and performances for years to come.

The Magic of Music donor program provides friends of the Cosmopolitan Music Society with a way to support CMS’s vision of providing inspirational community based choral, jazz and concert band performances as well as supporting the continued enjoyment and development of musical excellence in the community.

Our Magic of Music contributors believe that experiencing live music has a magical effect on our hearts and minds. Our donors also recognize that live music has a positive effect on our lives and is a key element in the cultural fabric of our families and community.

Funds raised by the Magic of Music donor program will directly support our current and future community-based music programs.

Who can be a CMS Magic of Music contributor?

Anyone! Magic of Music contributors may include:

Magic of Music donors will be recognized in the following ways: