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The Cosmopolitan Music Society of Edmonton has been helping music lovers become music makers with its award winning community concert band programs and community chorus.




Achievements and Awards


The Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre is a concert hall located in historic Old Strathcona.  Home to the Cosmopolitan Music Society, the building was extensively renovated to meet the needs of community concert bands and choirs in the Edmonton area.  It is also fully flexible for banquets and other social occasions and is available to the public to rent.



Played an instrument before?

Used to sing in a choir?

Never played or sung at all?

Every one is welcome • Cosmopolitan Music Society has been helping Music Lovers become Music Makers since 1963. 

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Christmas Cheer Raffle

Roger Skirrow is the winner of the Gold "Rum" basket.

Defying the odds, Shawn Morgan is the winner of both the Silver "Scotch" and Bronze "Port" baskets.

Congratulations Roger and Shawn!  

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Tuesday 30th December 2014   10:00 - 23:45
OSPACS Casino at Argyll

Wednesday 31st December 2014   00:00 - 23:45
OSPACS Casino - Day 2

Saturday 21st March 2015   19:30 - 21:30
Monday Band In-House Concert

Friday 10th April 2015   19:30 - 21:30
Pops Concert: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Beginner Bands

Saturday 11th April 2015   19:30 - 21:30
Pops Concert: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Beginner Bands

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