Planned Giving

What Legacies will we leave in our lifetime?

A Planned Gift in your will is a significant and lasting way for you to leave a legacy of wonderful and exciting community based music. Your Planned Gift will provide you with a way to help ensure that current and future generations of recreational singers and musicians will continue to bring the Magic of Music to children, families, and seniors across the Edmonton Metropoltian Region for years to come. Your gift will also help community based singers and musicians who may be new to music or continuing their musical interests share their live music with the community through the Cosmopolitan Music Society’s music programs. Your legacy will help CMS continue to provide support for its wind band, choral, and jazz band ensembles. 

There is nothing like live instrumental or choral music to bring that special feeling of joy and exhiliration to the singers, musicians, and the audience.  Music transends just its beautiful sounds to move and excite us while enhancing both our personal well being and those around us. 

How can you plan your Legacy Gift?   

Your legacy gift can be used to provide a source of “life-long income” to the Cosmopolitan Music Society or assist with the “current development and delivery” of programs and services.  You may also decide to support both CMS’s current and future programs by providing a portion of your Legacy Gift to each of the initiatives. Your Legacy Gift can help maximize your gift to the Cosmopolitan Music Society and minimize tax impact on your estate. 

Gifts through your Estate

Make a lasting difference …

Plan a portion of your Legacy Giving with the Cosmopolitan Music Society.