Cosmopolitan Music Society
"Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of an amazing group of people. I can’t say enough good things about the Cosmopolitan Music Society. It has allowed me to expand my horizons beyond any expectations I had. The conductors were excellent and always provided positive feedback to everyone. I look forward to starting up again in September. "
- Colleen Johnston

Your Support Matters

CMS relies on donors like you to fund our operations and continue to Keep the Sound Alive! Click below to discover the different ways you can contribute to the Society’s mission and continued performance!

The Magic of Music donor program provides you with many options to support CMS’s mission to serve the community through participation in music ensembles. Magic of Music contributors like you recognize that performing and hearing live music has a positive effect on our individual lives, and is a key element in the cultural fabric of our families and community.

Funds raised by the Magic of Music donor program directly support our current and future  programs.


  • Friend of CMS: $25 – $199
  • Music Lovers’ Circle: $200 – $499
  • Music Makers’ Circle: $500 – $749
  • Music Patrons’ Circle: $750 – $999
  • Music Champions’ Circle: $1,000+

**Charitable Tax receipts will be provided for donations of $25 and greater

All Magic of Music donors will receive:

  • Recognition in year-end CMS concert Program.
  • Acknowledgment in our Annual Report

Donors receive added perks with each level of contribution:

  • An exclusive CMS gift – Music Lovers’ Circle and higher
  • Early Ticket Purchase – Music Makers’ Circle and higher
  • Early Seating at concerts – Patrons’ Circle and higher
  • Four Complimentary Tickets* – Champions’ Circle

*Total of four (4) tickets per season to any combination of Christmas Series, Spring Series, and Season Finale concerts.

Cosmopolitan Music Society has an endowment fund to focus on ensuring CMS can play on into the future. The CMS Endowment Fund is managed by the Edmonton Community Foundation – ECF. Interest generated by the CMS Endowment Fund is passed back to Cosmo by the ECF and used to support CMS program needs in perpetuity.

Click Here to Donate to the CMS Endowment Fund

Making a Tribute Donation “In Memory” or “In Honour” of is a wonderful and distinctive way to commemorate a relative or friend who has touched our lives in a significant way – it could be someone who simply enjoyed music or encouraged us to sing or play a musical instrument. You can also make a tribute gift to someone you care about by making a gift in honour of an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or other milestone of your choosing.

Your In Memory or In Honour of Gift will help CMS continue to grow and develop our community based choral and music programs. Cosmo members will be able to continue to come together to sing and play musical instruments in one of our many ensembles, and share their music with the community.

Tribute Gift Donors will be recognized in the following ways:

  • We will send a printed card acknowledging your thoughtful gift to the Tribute Recipient or family (Note: You will remain anonymous if you so request).
  • Your “In Memory” or “In Honour” Gift will be acknowledged in our Annual Report and Annual Season Finale Concert program. (Note: The amount of your gift contribution will be kept confidential if you so request).
  • We will send a charitable tax receipt in the name of the donor (tax receipts for gifts of $25 or more).

Click Here to Make a Tribute Gift

A Planned Gift in your will is a significant and lasting way for you to leave a legacy of wonderful and exciting community based music. Your Planned Gift will provide you with a way to help ensure that current and future generations of recreational singers and musicians will continue to bring the Magic of Music to children, families, and seniors across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region for years to come. Your gift will also help community based singers and musicians who may be new to music or continuing their musical interests share their live music with the community through the Cosmopolitan Music Society’s music programs. Your legacy will help CMS continue to provide support for its wind band, choral, and jazz band ensembles. 

There is nothing like live instrumental or choral music to bring that special feeling of joy and exhilaration to the singers, musicians, and the audience.  Music transcends just its beautiful sounds to move and excite us while enhancing both our personal well being and those around us. 

How can you plan your Legacy Gift?   

Your legacy gift can be used to provide a source of “life-long income” to the Cosmopolitan Music Society or assist with the “current development and delivery” of programs and services.  You may also decide to support both CMS’s current and future programs by providing a portion of your Legacy Gift to each of the initiatives. Your Legacy Gift can help maximize your gift to the Cosmopolitan Music Society and minimize tax impact on your estate. 

One of the simplest ways to remember the Cosmopolitan Music Society in your estate plans is through your will. You can use simple language to designate your bequest to CMS. 

Gifts through your estate will Be Remembered and help CMS continue to grow and develop excellence in community based choral and instrumental music programs. You will also help ensure that live music continues to be an important cultural element of our community.   

Making a Gift is as simple as including this statement in your will: 

On the occasion of my death, I give ($_____________) or (%________) of my estate to the Cosmopolitan Music Society, an Alberta charitable organization located at 8426 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 4B4.        (Charitable Registration #: 106987407 RR 0001)    

If you are considering leaving a planned gift or bequest to the Cosmopolitan Music Society in your will, we recommend that you speak with your legal and/or financial advisor. 

I want to Pledge an Estate Gift to CMS

Your Planned Gift can be directed for use in the following way(s): 

  1. Your gift will be used by CMS where it is most needed.  
  2. Your gift will be added to the Cosmopolitan Music Society’s Endowment Fund, the funds of which are used to generate annual grants to help fund society programs and services in perpetuity for the long-term benefit of the society
  3. Your gift can be split and used to help both the most current and long-term needs of the society; example: 50% to current CMS needs and 50% added in the CMS Endowment Fund for the perpetual long-term benefit of the society. (Please ensure to identify a percentage split for each initiative.) 


Donation Methods

If you wish to make a donation in person or over the phone, you can contact us at:

8426 Gateway Blvd NW,
Edmonton, AB T6E 4B4

(780) 432-9333

Please Note that the CMS Office is available by appointment only.